Candy bar

From lollipops and candy to the fondant and macarons, our themed buffet offers a variety of assorted sweets and colorful accessories, special containers for their submission. Combine cake in different colors, sizes and types, all fresh and without additives, made only from natural ingredients in our laboratory. Choose different styles of display using bowls, vases and all kinds of boxes, buckets and bags for gifts.
You can choose between a buffet bicolor or monochrome for a touch of elegance and cheerful buffet full of vibrant colors to liven up the whole event.

Custom Cakes

We all know that the greatest detail to make the event special and memorable is cake. We put the spotlight customers desire and call on their imagination creating the most sophisticated ornaments.

From natural ingredients, carefully selected, full of flavor and tenderness have created the most impressive cakes. La Dulce by Paula will find a special link between the different combinations of cream (vanilla, chocolate crisp, figs, caramel and mascarpone in all combinations with fruit or chocolate) and always tops fluffy (chocolate, sponge cake, the Surely walnut meringue with yoghurt and fruit or digestive biscuits). Each cake is created with utmost care and the most bitter passion, from the top to the last ornament.

Homemade cookies

With the help of friends who believed in us and supported us, we can take pride in the wonderful “grandmother’s homemade book” keeper recipes .He is that we want to bring back the feeling of warmth and love in times of childhood when my grandmother prepared dessert for Sunday dinner.

Our Cofetăresele after a year of work, make the most beautiful cakes packages. That, after careful selection that our customers determine.

Gelato (in the true sense of the word)
The desire to eat ice cream like mother, Sweet By Paula invites you to taste the 15 ice creams, vanilla, caramel salted, campari, orange with dark chocolate, mango, yogurt with honey and nunca, chocolate fondant, peach williams , mascarpone, berries, dark chocolate with berries.