About us

Our Story …

Our story began with a sweet craving authentic, made ​​with fresh and natural ingredients. Since our debut, the Corso, the legendary white as snow, apple cake, coconut cake and wonderful Crantz I discovered that customers are rewarded with love. Horse Shoe was the next stage of our journey. Here am delighted papillae people with delightful puffy cherry and whiskey cake. Our journey into the world of sweets did not stop there, and after 11 years of market experience in Galati, opened patisserie Sweet By Paula. A perfect location where we could arrange everything as we wanted. For the convenience of our customers we have created space for both smokers and nonsmokers.

Delicious … cakes.

Sweet By Paula is a cafeteria where good taste, the art of skilled confectioners and natural ingredients give rise to the tantalizing delights.

Nostalgia for people to be on the table for dessert, sweets made ​​”the grandmother home,” made ​​us to adapt recipes and I even invented some, it appeared the famous cake marshmallow leaf, currants and mascarpone.

Dulce by Paula offers a wide range of products, desserts and fresh juices from fresh fruit to cocktails. And what a cake goes great with good coffee, inviting aroma of coffee specialties Lavatza reinforces and highlights the sophistication and elegance of the place.

5 o’clock tea …

This British tradition began to take shape and the Dulce By Paula.

In a warm and fragrant, elegant ladies are expected to share each other’s thoughts and trăirile. We offer them in a selection of all our cakes and delicate sandwiches platters – cream cucumber paste tuna, cream cheese and salmon, all accompanied by luring flavored tea rose or jasmine.